Female TV Judges Have Helped Perception on The Bench

A positive upwards trend in appointing women to more judiciary positions may be as a result of female TV judges, according to recent polls. 5 women, Connie Melendez, Robin Sheares, Patria Frias-Colon, Sandra Roper and Ellen Edwards, have all won boroughwide elections for spots on the Kings County bench. Judge Patricia DiMango, of the show […]

Unsafe Places to Work

Experienced Construction Accident Lawyers in New York Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. represents clients injured in a variety of construction accidents in New York. Whatever your situation, our New York construction accident attorneys can provide tenacious representation for your case. Employers and companies have a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe place for employees to […]

Never Events in Medical Malpractice: When “Never” Actually Happens

Many medical malpractice claims originate from a subtle physician mistake that creates a serious health issue later in the patient’s life. However, some incidents of medical malpractice errors are so egregious and unthinkable, medical groups and legal organizations categorize them as a never event, or a medical error that never occur if reasonable safety precautions […]

Who is Responsible for a Construction Accident?

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, and there are many ways in which equipment, tools, or plans may fail, resulting in dangerous risks for workers and anyone else in the vicinity. If you suffered an injury at a construction site because of the negligence or error of another person, you have legal options. There are […]

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Since 1990, the month of May has been designated by Congress to be Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (previously designated for one week in May from 1979 to 1990). May was chosen specifically to commemorate the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in May 1843 and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in May 1869 (the […]

Attorney Michele Mirman Achieves Lifetime Achievement Selection to America’s Top 100 Attorneys®

Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. is pleased to announce that senior partner, attorney Michele S. Mirman has been selected to America’s Top 100 Attorneys®. The award is reserved to identify the most exceptional attorneys throughout the United States, whose accomplishments and effect on the legal profession merit this Lifetime Achievement award. Due to the high […]

Johnson & Johnson Loses Third Trial Over Ovarian Cancer Link to Talc Powder

A third woman was just found by a jury to have developed ovarian cancer due to Johnson & Johnson talc-based powder and Shower-to-Shower products. She was awarded more than 70 million dollars. Johnson & Johnson has been named as a defendant in approximately 1,700 talcum powder lawsuits across the United States for ignoring studies which […]

Johnson & Johnson pierde el tercer juicio por un caso de cáncer de ovario relacionado con los polvos de talco

El jurado determinó que una tercera mujer contrajo cáncer de ovario debido al uso de los polvos de talco de Johnson & Johnson y de los productos Shower-to-Shower. Ella recibió más de 70 millones de dólares. Johnson & Johnson ha recibido aproximadamente 1.700 demandas en todos los Estados Unidos por ignorar estudios que relacionan el […]

Testosterone Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

Testosterone therapy has become a billion-dollar business. Doctors often prescribe products such as AndroGel when men complain of fatigue, rather than finding out what is really wrong with their patients, many of whom suffer serious heart disease or vascular problems. Instead of properly testing and examining their patients, doctors rely on the easy diagnosis “low […]

Things Parents Should Know After a Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

Infants injured during birth unfortunately usually face a vast number of life-long challenges. Some difficulties are immediately identifiable. For example, parents naturally expect that children with birth injuries will need special medical care and assistance. Other challenges, however, may not be apparent or surface for many years. The Difficulties a Birth Injured Victim Can Face […]