Female TV Judges Have Helped Perception on The Bench

A positive upwards trend in appointing women to more judiciary positions may be as a result of female TV judges, according to recent polls. 5 women, Connie Melendez, Robin Sheares, Patria Frias-Colon, Sandra Roper and Ellen Edwards, have all won boroughwide elections for spots on the Kings County bench.

Judge Patricia DiMango, of the show “Hot Bench,” believes TV judges have played a significant role of women being elected in such an increasing manner, according to Rob Abruzzese, writing for the Brooklyn Eagle. Aside from a few male TV judges, the majority of TV judges are women–such as the famous Judge Judy Sheindlin.

There are other factors leading to the success and exposure of more women ion the bench, such as the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association, also known as the BWBA. Our very own Attorney Michele Mirman is currently president of this incredibly important and influential group.

Attorney Mirman commented on the matter to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, stating: “Women bring the critical, needed qualities to the bench of compassion, understanding and a willingness to listen, hear and cut-to-the-chase, from being daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and friends, where these qualities are prized.

There’s no question that the women who were chosen have these qualities in addition to the intelligence and knowledge of their male counterparts.” She then spoke of the importance of these New York female attorneys, stating: “We in Brooklyn especially are accustomed to thinking of women as jurists. Aside from the Supreme Court and our courts in Brooklyn, TV presents Brooklyn women as strong, effective judges, and there’s no question we are affected by TV.” What’s most important, Attorney Mirman believes, is representation. “Studies show that women–and men–respond positively to strong female characters.”

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