Who is Responsible for a Construction Accident?

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, and there are many ways in which equipment, tools, or plans may fail, resulting in dangerous risks for workers and anyone else in the vicinity. If you suffered an injury at a construction site because of the negligence or error of another person, you have legal options. There are many people responsible for the safety and security of a construction site, and if any of those parties does not fulfill his or her duty by caring for workers and passersby, they should be held liable for any resulting construction accidents.

There are workplace safety laws in place requiring site managers and companies to maintain a safe construction site in all aspects. Because of these laws, if a site fails to function safely and a worker is injured, the site manager or contractor could be held liable. Not only must those in charge of the site maintain a supportive environment, but they must also provide appropriate safety equipment and proper, functioning tools. Additionally, any sub-contractors responsible for certain aspects of the construction site have a duty to uphold safety regulations and to warn workers of any potential hazards.

The design professional in charge of the project may also be liable for any injury caused by a defective or unlawful plan. If the plan for the constructed project does not follow all required codes, he or she is responsible for any injury caused as a result of that oversight or negligence. It is also possible that tool or machine manufacturers could be held responsible for any equipment that was improperly designed, built, or maintained.

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