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New York City Injury Statistics

There are a lot of types of injuries occurring every day in New York City. There are auto accidents, construction site incidents, medical and health care accidents  slip and falls and pedestrian accidents, bicycle injuries and more.

– Between 624 and 625 car accidents every single day in NYC.

– Fatal occupational injuries in New York City have ranged from a high of 191 in 1993 to a low of 56 in 2013 and 2016

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistic,

“In New York City; falls, slips, and trips resulted in 24 fatal work injuries, and violence and other injuries by persons or animals accounted for 21 fatalities. These two major categories accounted for 49 percent of all workplace fatalities in the city. Worker deaths from falls, slips, and trips were up from 17 in 2018, and worker fatalities due to violence or other injuries by persons or animals were up from 11.

Exposure to harmful substances or environments and contact with objects and equipment were the third-most frequent fatal work events with 17 fatalities each, compared to 12 and 19 fatalities respectively, in 2018.  Nationally, transportation incidents were the most frequent fatal workplace event in 2019, accounting for 40 percent of fatal work injuries.  Falls, slips, and trips was the second-most common fatal event (17 percent), followed by violence and other injuries by persons or animals (16 percent).”

The New York Lawyers for NYC Accident Victims

An unexpected accident can be terrifying, especially when it is the fault of another. It can take weeks, or even months, to get back on your feet. Even then, you might not have fully recovered from your injuries. There’s a chance you’ll have to struggle with a painful, debilitating injury for the rest of your life. Pursuing compensation for your injuries will be one of the most important things you do. 

Just because someone is a lawyer doesn’t mean they’re qualified to handle your case. You deserve to work with a law firm that focuses exclusively on personal injury law. At Mirman, Markovits, & Landau PC, that’s all we do.

Our attorneys have more than 200 years of combined experience handling complex personal injury cases. We’ve helped more than 20,000 accident victims fight to recover much-needed and well-deserved compensation.

Our hard work and commitment to our clients pay off. We’ve successfully recovered more than $1 Billion in settlements and awards. There’s a reason why we’re among the most respected personal injury attorneys in New York

When you turn to us for help after your accident, you can benefit from our experience and established record of success. Call a New York accident lawyer at Mirman, Markovits & Landau, PC to schedule a free consultation and learn more today.