3 Biggest Accident Risks Construction Workers Face

Accidents among construction workers occur more frequently than in most other types of occupations. In fact, fatalities and injuries caused by construction site accidents occur more often than you would ever think. This is why building owners, construction site general contractors, subcontractors and site managers must be aware of the inherent risks associated with the construction work performed on their building sites. Below, we explain the biggest risks construction workers regularly face.

Working From Heights

When building and demolishing structures, construction workers are required to work from very dangerous heights. In 2014, falls from height accounted for roughly 3 in 10 fatal accidents. The dangers that come with working at extreme heights increase because construction sites often have limited access, which can restrict the mobility of workers. Improper and dangerous ladders and scaffolds likewise account for devastating injuries. Falling objects, like tools, machinery, or materials, are also a cause of catastrophic injuries. It is vital that those in charge of construction sites ensure the safety of those working at heights.

Lifting and Moving Large or Heavy Objects

Construction sites are generally hectic environments. The volume of constantly moving vehicles and workers can make transporting large or heavy objects around the work site a challenge. Uneven terrain and work sites littered with debris or tripping hazards cause accidents and endanger the health and safety of construction workers. Because of this, it’s imperative that those in charge of construction sites inspect and correct unsafe conditions.

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Construction workers have to do their jobs in a wide range of terrains. From holes in the ground to working on buildings at various stages of completion, a construction worker can very easily slip, trip, or fall in any number of situations. Unguarded or improperly covered holes are a tremendous hazard to workers. Slips, trips, and falls not only happen on a daily basis, but are also the most commonly reported cause of construction site accidents.

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