Medical Malpractice Claims in New York

When a doctor, hospital, or other medical professional makes a mistake, the results can be devastating. Mistakes in treatment or diagnosis may stem from inadequate training, inexperience, or even a momentary distraction, but those mistakes can lead to increased costs, pain, permanent injury, and even death. The term for mistakes made by healthcare professionals is… read more

What Is the Difference Between Express and Implied Consent?

Before your doctor can legally treat you, your permission – or consent – is required. In times of an emergency, though, implied consent based upon your actions rather than actual communication could be used to give treatment.  If things go wrong and you want to file a personal injury claim based upon medical malpractice afterward,… read more

Can Cervidil Cause Injury To My Child?

Induction of labor is when medical staff use drugs or other tools to stimulate a woman’s body to get the labor and delivery process started. Almost 20% of all births in the US start with some sort of induction. One drug that is used to stimulate labor is Cervidil. While it is commonly used, it… read more

Never Events in Medical Malpractice: When “Never” Actually Happens

Many medical malpractice claims originate from a subtle physician mistake that creates a serious health issue later in the patient’s life. However, some incidents of medical malpractice errors are so egregious and unthinkable, medical groups and legal organizations categorize them as a never event, or a medical error that never occur if reasonable safety precautions […]

Things Parents Should Know After a Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

Infants injured during birth unfortunately usually face a vast number of life-long challenges. Some difficulties are immediately identifiable. For example, parents naturally expect that children with birth injuries will need special medical care and assistance. Other challenges, however, may not be apparent or surface for many years. The Difficulties a Birth Injured Victim Can Face […]

NY Medical Malpractice Claims & the Statute of Limitations

In New York State, the statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against a negligent doctor or medical facility is, in general, two and a half years. When this deadline expires, you will no longer have a chance to collect money for injuries and other damages no matter how injured you or your […]