Settle or Try?

Try Or Settle? Should Plaintiff Settle Her Trip And Fall Case When She Has A Fractured Leg Requiring Surgery? Our injured client, a 61-year old female home attendant, tripped and fell, when an employee at the St. Barnabas Hospital Occupational Therapy Department unthinkingly placed a step stool directly behind our client’s feet, just as our… read more

There Are Ways to Relieve Pain Without Opioids

In the past, drug companies have pushed opioid pills as the answer to back pain. They are not.  Opioids come with a grave risk of terrible side effects, including addiction, respiratory depression (slow breathing), heart complications (such as arrhythmia) and overdose. The opioid epidemic now claims more than 40,000 lives each year.  If you are… read more

Did you trip and fall and suffer a serious personal injury?

Did you trip and fall and suffer a serious personal injury? You are not alone. Those broken, cracked NYC sidewalks and icy walkways, the missing tiles, broken nosing, and cracked steps at NYCHA and other buildings, and the misleveled elevators at residential and commercial buildings, have caused more injuries and deaths than we can imagine…. read more

Slip and Fall Injuries are a Significant Public Health Problem that Must Be Addressed

A fall can change your life. Falls, which can happen anywhere and to anyone, account for the most serious injuries we suffer, according to the CDC: fractures requiring surgeries; concussions with brain damage; permanent disabilities. And they also cost thousands of dollars in medical care and lost wages. How does this happen? Most commonly, those… read more

Slip and Fall Injury

A Slip-and-Fall Accident Can Happen to You In a Split Second & Change Your Life Forever You’re pushing a shopping cart down the supermarket aisle, browsing the shelves for the items you need. All of a sudden, you slip on a wet area. Your cart keeps rolling forward, but you fall hard on your back, hitting… read more