Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Did you trip and fall and suffer a serious personal injury? You are not alone. Hazardous conditions like broken, cracked NYC sidewalks and icy walkways, missing and broken tiles, cracked steps, and uneven surfaces in the subways, and poorly maintained floors and elevators elevators in residential and commercial buildings lead to hundreds of injuries, and even some deaths, each year. In fact, the NYS Department of Health reported that “fall-related injuries are the leading cause of hospitalizations . . . the leading cause of deaths for those age 45 and older”.  Common injuries from falls include fractures, concussions, and other traumatic brain injuries.

What should you do if you fall?

1.   Do not attempt to walk if you are seriously injured, especially if you have a head injury. Call 911 to report the accident and get an ambulance and emergency medical assistance.

2.   If possible, take pictures of the area. Get names and contact information from any witnesses to the accident. Take note of any water or other spills. Look for other dangerous conditions such as the ones mentioned above.

3.   Get immediate legal advice.

Don’t relinquish your rights. If you are hurt in a fall you may be entitled under the law to compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, medical costs, and lost wages.

There are a lot of traps out there for the unwary, including strict time limits to file a “Notice of Claim” for injuries due to a trip and fall on a broken city sidewalk. The internet portal for filing claims with the city can be difficult to navigate, and can be confusing.

There are statutes of limitations for filing personal injury claims against private companies also, and separate statutes of limitations for wrongful death claims. If you are unaware of these time limits, you could lose your right to compensation.

Do you have questions? Call us at 212-227-4000. We can guide you through the legal maze so you don’t forfeit your rights. You may have fallen victim to an unfortunate accident, but we can keep you from becoming a victim of confusing claims procedures, red tape, and unfamiliarity with the law. As always, be safe.

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