New York Civil Rights Attorney

In 1989, the nation rejoiced when five men were convicted for the brutal assault and rape of a woman who was attacked while jogging in Central Park. The case made national and international news. The cases were later overturned when another person confessed to the attack, and the Central Park Five, as they came to be known, received a total of $41 million from the City of New York for their wrongful arrest and conviction. In 2016, they received another $3.9 million from the State of New York. Over $1 billion has been paid by the City of New York to victims of police misconduct within the last five years.

Both federal and state laws protect the civil rights of citizens when they are stopped, questioned, arrested, and put on trial. Federal and state laws also protect the rights of citizens when they are in the custody of the police or prison system. Individuals whose civil rights have been violated may take legal action against the individuals and governmental agencies involved.

Examples of civil rights violations include:

  • Illegal searches – The police must have probable cause to search a home or vehicle.
  • Racial profiling – Even after the disastrous “stop and frisk” policy ended, people of color continue to report being stopped and questioned by the police without probable cause.
  • Illegal traffic stops.
  • False arrest or detention.
  • Failure to advise someone of their rights when being questioned by the police – anyone being held for questioning must be advised of their right to remain silent and right to an attorney.
  • Not allowing an accused person to speak to an attorney – The police are prohibited from questioning a suspect after that person has invoked their right to counsel.
  • Unnecessary force by police – Police officers are permitted to use only as much force as is necessary to subdue a person, to accomplish an arrest, or to protect the safety of themselves or others.
  • Assaults and other mistreatment by corrections officers.
  • Wrongful conviction.

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, you will likely need an attorney who is familiar with both state and federal civil rights laws that is ready and able to take on powerful governmental agencies on your behalf. The attorneys at Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C. have over 200 years of combined experience in the field of injury law and have a proven record of success. Learn more about us here. Call us at 212-227-4000 any time, day, or night.