Do You Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

Today, many trucks carrying packages, supplies, and merchandise drive on busy highways, as well as in cities. Businesses and individuals depend on the people driving these trucks and expect to receive their deliveries on time. However, this can put a lot of strain and stress on these drivers that have to be on the road for hours at a time. Additionally, because these trucks are so large, being involved in an accident could result in serious injuries and/or death.

When these devastating accidents happen, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. After receiving the medical attention that you and your family may need, the next thing to do is to contact a personal injury attorney that has experience with truck accidents. 

At Mirman, Markovits & Landau, P.C., our compassionate and skilled attorneys offer free initial consultations to discuss what happened and how we can potentially help you seek compensation for your sustained injuries.

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The Difference About Truck Accidents

Truck accidents differ from car accidents because of the size and weight of trucks, causing significantly greater damaging impacts and the possibility of pileups when involved in an accident. Although truck drivers must meet strict driving requirements (such as obtaining a CDL license) and training to drive one of these large vehicles. This means that they are put under more pressure than the daily commuter.

18-wheeler truck drivers must deal with:

  • Stress: Many daily commuters don’t enjoy driving on the road, and especially not on the highway. However, as a task for their job, truck drivers must deal with the stresses of the road on a daily basis.
  • Fatigue: Driving for hours at a time can cause extreme fatigue. Meeting deadlines could result in a driver to overwork him or herself to be on time.
  • Personal Issues: As for all professions, it is difficult to continue working when someone is dealing with personal family, friend(s), and/or health issues. Being on the road and unable to be in contact with people can cause extreme strain.

Reaching Out to An Attorney in Your Area

Although there are many attorneys out there to choose from, not all may be the right one for you. Most attorneys choose to specialize in one or a few areas of law. This allows them to be up to date with any changes of law in these fields and accustomed to handling related cases.

When it comes to trucking accidents, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you are safe and seek medical attention. Even if you don’t think that your injuries are severe, they could worsen over time. Therefore, it is always recommended that you seek medical attention first. Then, contact a trusted and experienced attorney in the personal injury field so that you can seek the compensation you deserve.

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