Dangerous Effects And Consequences Of Police Brutality In New York And Beyond

With research stating up to $121 million was spent working on police brutality cases in New York over the past five years, it has become evident there is a rising issue at hand. This is an issue that is now being highlighted more and more illustrating the rights of those facing police brutality.

With more and more lawsuits arising each year, the rate is at its highest right now illustrating a significant underlying issue in the state. With millions of dollars going toward these lawsuits, it’s essential to understand the overwhelming consequences of police brutality in the region and the role it has to play in the community heading into the future.

Effects Of Police Brutality

Let’s begin by understanding the impact of police brutality in the state.

It starts with a rising mistrust of law enforcement by those in the region. With more funds being used to work on these lawsuits, it is indicating a serious problem. This impacts how a person navigates around or with law enforcement and the issues that can pertain to this.

These effects play a role in all aspects of life. This includes a person’s well-being and how safe they feel when they are in their communities. These effects are not only being felt in the short term but also heading into the future.

Every year, thousands of people sue the city after police misconduct and use of excessive force. And, every year, the city pays an enormous amount of money to settle those cases before they can get to a jury. NYC spent $384 Million to settle these lawsuits during one recent 5-year period.

With this in mind, it’s important to dive deeper into recognizing what a person’s options are when it comes to having faced police brutality. 

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Filing A Claim Against Police Brutality

There are strict regulations in place within the state for those who do face police brutality. It’s important to enforce those regulations with the help of a reputable law firm. 

To do this the right way, it’s important to start with the regulations and how they play out for those in this situation.

It starts with understanding the following details:

  • Was there a reasonable cause for the officer to do what they have done (i.e. was a crime committed)?
  • Was the crime severe enough to warrant such a response?
  • Was there a reasonable cause for the officer to assume there was danger associated with the person involved in the situation?
  • Was there a lawful search being conducted by the officer at the time?
  • Were there any weapons on the person that would have led to this type of response? Were those weapons lawful in the state of New York?
  • Was the person attempting to run away and/or resist arrest?
  • Was the officer using too much force to complete the arrest based on the situation they were in?

It’s important to go through these questions one by one and it is easy to do so with the help of a reputable lawyer. This is going to make sure all of the answers are in hand when it is time to move forward with a police brutality claim.  

It is essential to note there are specific restrictions in place when it comes to the reporting of said police brutality. This means if there is such a case, it should be done as soon as possible. The time limit is going to decide whether or not the claim is valid in the state of New York.  

Police Brutality Law Firm

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