Construction Site Pedestrian Injuries in NYC

Nationwide, over 100 pedestrians are killed each year while walking past construction sites. Since it is impossible to completely avoid passing near all construction sites, especially in a large city like New York, both property owners and construction companies owe a duty of care to members of the general public who may enter the property or pass nearby. This duty extends beyond just putting up fences and “Keep Out” signs.

Bystanders should also be protected from falling debris, spills, and dangerous chemicals. Signs should be visible and clear. Barricades should be placed in such a way as to keep the public at a safe distance from danger zones. Hazardous chemicals should be contained. A contractor who fails to protect the public from these and other risks can be held responsible for injuries.

If you are a pedestrian that has been injured on a construction site you have the absolute right to bring a lawsuit for the injuries you have suffered.

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