Construction Site Accidents in New York

After seven workers died in construction accidents in New York City during the first half of 2021, City Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. LaRocca announced a city-wide inspection of 7,500 construction sites throughout the city. This resulted in 3,600 notices of violations issued to contractors, as well as 1,499 stop-work orders at sites with multiple safety violations.

Injuries to Workers

Construction sites are inherently dangerous, but contractors and site owners still owe a duty to workers and to the public to keep sites as safe as possible by following all state and city regulations. When a contractor or property owner fails to take reasonable precautions to make a construction site safe, they may be liable for damages when a worker or citizen is injured.

Injuries to Workers

  • When an injury is caused by the intentional act of an employer, co-worker, or other parties.
  • When the injury occurs on a property not owned by the employer, and the property owner’s negligence caused the injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits may not cover all of an injured worker’s damages so a lawsuit against a responsible third party may be necessary if the circumstances allow it.

Injuries to Other Parties

Construction sites may also pose a danger to other parties, including customers and passers-by. One example is if an office building, store, or other public building remains open while construction is going on, customers and other invitees could be injured while on the premises. When construction is ongoing outdoors, a person may be injured by falling debris while walking past the construction area. 

An injured person may collect damages from the owner of the property, the contractor in charge of the construction, a sub-contractor, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Common causes of injuries include falling tools or other debris, out-of-control equipment, uneven pavement or walkways, and toxic fumes.

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Act Quickly to Preserve Your Rights

It is crucial to act quickly after any construction site accident. Taking these steps can improve your chances of making a successful claim:

  • Get photos or video of the site if possible
  • Seek medical attention right away if you are injured
  • Report the accident to your employer or the person in charge of the construction site
  • Do not make any statements to insurance adjusters or other investigators 
  • Talk to a New York accident lawyer as soon as possible

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