Construction Accidents – All Too Common

Each month, thousands of construction workers shape New York City’s buildings and skyline, and with this hard and dangerous work, numerous serious construction accidents occur. 

What are the construction accidents that happen in NYC, and what are the hazards that cause them?

Construction Accidents in NYC 

What are we up against?  The New York City Department of Buildings publishes the yearly number of construction injuries and fatalities, reprinted below:

Year  Injuries Fatalities
2015 472      12
2016 603      12
2017 671      12
2018 759      13
2019 594      14
2020 502        8
2021 505        9
2022 554      11
2023 692        7

The number of construction injuries increased steadily until the COVID-19 pandemic when it declined. Since then, the number has increased, likely due to the rapid growth in construction jobs. Fortunately, fatal incidents have decreased, reaching the lowest level in over eight years.

What Causes Construction Accidents?

The New York City Department of Buildings report also discloses the causes of each construction accident, shining light on the most prominent construction hazards. 

The most common types of construction accidents in NYC include: 

  • Excavation & Soil Work 
  • Material Failure 
  • Mechanical Construction Equipment 
  • Scaffold & Shoring Installations
  • Worker Fall
  • Other Construction Related
  • Excavation & Soil Work 

Excavation and soil work incidents have shown a concerning trend, reaching eight injuries after years of remaining below 3. Safety precautions and protocols are not only beneficial but legally required under OSHA in trenching or excavating operations. 

Material Failure 

Material failure injuries also experienced a sharp increase, jumping from 20 to 82. These injuries are typically due to low-quality materials or poor quality control, so if your employer tends to cut corners, it could indicate a higher likelihood of material failure. 

Mechanical Construction Equipment 

Mechanical construction equipment injuries increased sharply, spiking 500% to 55 injuries. These injuries can result from improper use, poor maintenance, or a lack of protocol. To mitigate your risk, it’s essential that those using equipment are properly trained and fully understand each piece of machinery, how to use it, and the risks associated with it.

Scaffold & Shoring 

Scaffolding and shoring installations are a common cause of injury at NYC construction sites. Scaffolds are not properly built or maintained, and safety rules are not set in place or managed. In 2022, these injuries dropped to just 4, but they quickly returned to the low double-digit range in 2023. 

Worker Fall 

In 2023, injuries from falls increased from 202 to 391 and accounted for  50% of the total construction injuries. Height-related accidents are all too common, a result of a lack of safety measures to protect workers whose jobs require them to work, many times, high above the ground.

Overcoming Construction Accidents with Peace of Mind 

Unfortunately, due to the hazardous nature of construction work and the failure of many job sites to follow safety practices, numerous accidents, injuries, and deaths occur.  

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