Dear Michelle, I would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work in helping me obtain a settlement for my accident. First of all, thank you for taking my case when several other law firms I contacted told me that my case was not worth their time. I want you to know that everyone I dealt with at your firm was wonderful to work with! I want to mention some people by name who I am very grateful for and I hope that I do not leave anyone out: Isis, Pablo, Jeanne Rivera, Michael Hagan and Paulina Prochownik. Each and every one of these individuals were so helpful, informative and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend your law firm and am very grateful to you all.

Patricia H

My mother suffered severe injuries when she fell on a sidewalk close to her home. After she came out of the hospital we looked into a possible injury lawsuit. We spoke with many different lawyers and MML were the only ones who were concerned about the health of my mom and we’re the most patient answering all of our questions. It was at that point that having them represent her was a no brainer. The process was slow but that’s because they didn’t settle. They got my mom the most money (what she deserved) due to her life long injuries she sustained. Nothing can ever take away the pain she has to live with the rest of her life but MML made it alittle easier for her and we are forever thankful for them. Would recommend to anyone who suffers an injury and is looking for actual justice. Thank you.

Brandon B.

This law firm assisted me in filing a claim against the city and a local business for an injury suffered from an unfilled pothole in the street. All aspects of my case were handled promptly and with meticulous care. A professional came to my home to gather all the relevant details and his report was promptly reviewed by a senior attorney. I was kept informed about the likely timetable and carefully briefed when my oral review of the details of the accident was required. An appropriate settlement was received. Although it was not an enormous claim, you would not have known this from the courteous, timely attention of this law firm.

Diane B.

She has the knowledge and experience to help get the best settlement amount. I was kept informed about the process and the status of my case.


Finding the right attorney when you are in crisis is not an easy task. You need help because your world has been turned upside down; you require honest and compassionate legal guidance that addresses your concerns and needs. I turned to Ms.Mirman and her tram because they have a proven track record but more importantly they listened to me. They didn't try and impress me with empty promises. They demonstrated compassion, and an earnest willingness to help me. They are successful because they believe in the client and have the client's interests at heart.


When I was injured in a bicycle accident a few years ago, Mirman, Markovits and Landau took my case and won it for me. Ms. Mirman won the maximum award from the insurance co of the motorist who hit me and went onto win the maximum amount from my family's under-insured motorists coverage. Honestly I had no idea that we had that coverage or what it meant until my lawyer asked about it and explained it. Ms Mirman and her firm's knowledgeable attention to detail and years of experience in personal injury law were impressive. I highly recommend.

Patricia U.

Ms. Mirman and her team are exceptional professionals that made a difficult time after my car accident manageable . Ms Mirman was thorough yet compassionate while leading me through every step of the legal process .More importantly her diligence resulted in a fair settlement for my injury.


I referred a friend of mine who suffered a personal injury at work to Mirman, Markovits & Landau. They worked tirelessly on his case to make sure he got as much compensation as possible and it paid off. All three partners are smart, cunning and hardworking and I would recommend Mirman, Markovits & Landau to anyone looking for elite level Personal Injury Attorneys.

BenJamin P.

Michele Mirman represented me in a personal injury case against a Manhattan restaurant, where my hand was severely lacerated and required surgery. I am a practicing dentist, and this was a horrible injury that affected my livelihood. She was indefatigable. She immediately investigated, before any evidence disappeared, which turned out to be critical to my case. She thoroughly understood the issues involved with my injury and the impact on my work. She was masterful at developing my case and moving it quickly to completion. I received an out of court settlement that I was very pleased with. Ms. Mirman fought hard for me. She was very professional and very caring. She was honest and forthright and always available to answer any questions, which she did patiently and thoroughly. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. She was the perfect lawyer to help me during an extremely difficult time.


Ms. Mirman is an exceptional personal injury lawyer--smart, professional, experienced, hardworking and compassionate. Following my accident, she gave me very helpful legal advice, and has supported me every step of the way with my case. I cannot imagine what I would have done without her and her entire legal team during this terrible time.