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Construction accidents are dangerous, and building collapse accidents can be deadly. Building structures is a complex process that involves careful design, engineering, construction, and quality materials. Mistakes in one area can have devastating consequences. Each party involved has a duty of care to the others to ensure that construction is completed safely.

Causes of Building Collapse

Building collapses generally occur because of negligence, and there is someone who is at fault for the event. Building collapses can occur because of:

  • Poor building design
  • Foundation defects
  • Low-quality or flawed materials
  • Too much weight
  • Failure to evaluate and combat risks during demolition

Whether you were injured in the collapse of a new building or the demolition of an old building, it is likely that you have a personal injury claim. Many times, both workers and bystanders alike are injured.

Liability for Your Accident

In construction accidents, there are many companies and individuals involved who may make mistakes that can lead to an accident. These may include:

  • Engineers. Tasked with predicting and optimizing the structural integrity of a building, engineers design plans that factor in material strength, load, and physical force. Engineer negligence is a common cause of building collapses.
  • Material Suppliers. As a material supplier, it is the job of these companies to ensure that their products are high-quality and without flaws or faults that can lead to a building collapse.
  • Contractors and Subcontractors. Contractors are responsible for interpreting and following the engineers’ plans. They must be careful to closely follow the plans for the building, manage work crews, and ensure that the materials and construction are up to standard. Subcontractors must follow directions and ensure that the work performed is precise.
  • Foundation. New York has specific regulations about soil composition, fill material, and foundation requirements. These laws, when followed, prevent a faulty foundation from weakening the building and leading to collapse.
  • Demolition. Demolishing buildings to make way for new ones is common in New York City. If adequate precautions aren’t taken, construction workers, bystanders, and even those occupying adjoining buildings can be injured. Wrecking balls, excavators, and hydraulic equipment are all employed in the process of demolition, and can cause injury.
  • Ceiling Collapse. Older or poorly maintained buildings may develop structural issues that can lead to the collapse of ceilings. Repair and construction workers can easily be injured in these collapses. For cases like these, often a negligent property owner is to blame.

Get Help with Your Claim

If you have been injured in a building collapse, you deserve to receive compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, for your lost wages, and the medical bills you have incurred. Building your case can be complicated, and a mistake can cost you the chance to recover damages. It is important to contact a New York City construction accident attorney who is experienced in handling building collapse cases. They will help you build your claim, and can advocate on your behalf in settlement negotiations or court.

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